My Bullet Journal Journey

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve last written so I figured I’d give you a quick update before I jumped into the topic of this blog.

I’ve started seeing God touch my life in so many places since I cried out to Him. He gave me a wonderful job, some amazing friends, and some opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without His divine interference. I’ve had some great conversations about hard topics with some even greater people. I’ve found my passion in work and I’m enjoying my job.

Overall, I’m doing much, much better than I was a couple of months ago. Now, let’s get into the good stuff.

Today I’m going to run you through my most favorite thing in the world – my bullet journal. If you’ve been around the internet lately I’m sure you’ve seen them around and you may have some idea as to what it is. If not, that’s cool.

The typical description I’ve heard as to what a bujo (bullet journal) is is a to-do list, planner, and journal all rolled into one. Personally, I don’t like that description because your bujo is literally ANYTHING you want/need it to be. People use it for lesson planning, daily errands, schoolwork, blog planning, etc. If you need something, you can find/dream up a spread for it.

It’s amazing.

I first got into bullet journaling last summer after I found this Buzzfeed article about it. I was so intrigued and I immediately went out and bought a notebook to try it out. It was kinda rough. If you wanna see a picture here ya go.

Since then, I have been constantly evolving and changing my style and I’m really excited to share my current set up with you all!

Year At A Glance


First up is my year at a glance. As you may be able to surmise, it’s just a yearly calendar. I use it to see different dates and what day of the week they fall on when I don’t have that month planned out. When I was making this spread I royally messed up on the month of June so that’s why it’s on a sticky note.

Word Of The Year


My next page is my word for the year. Back in January we did a thing on my floor where we prayed about what God wanted us to focus on for the year. I felt that I needed to focus on being still. Being in college, having a job, and (my attempts at) having a social life leave me very busy. Last semester I kind of let my relationship with God fall to the wayside. So, this semester/year I decided to really put my focus on taking time to be still and just be in His presence. Since it’s my word for the year I thought it would only make sense to put it next to my yearly calendar.

Level 10 Life

level 10

This is a goal-setting spread that I originally found/adapted from Kara over at Boho Berry. Basically what the level 10 life is is that you divide your life up into 10 areas and then rate where you are in each of those areas on a scale from 1-10. You then set different goals that explain where you would be if you were operating at a level 10. It’s a really nice visual aid as to where you are in your life.

Income/Expenses Tracker

income expensesThe title is pretty self explanatory here – I’m just tracking how much I’m making and spending. I’m not really a big fan of this spread so I’m thinking of combining it into one chart and doing it on a month-to-month tracker instead of everything all at once. I’m still not sure though.

Weight Loss Tracker

weight loss

As you may know, weight loss and getting healthy has been a big goal of mine for this year. Obviously I had to include some kind of spread to track my goals and when I reach them. I made a little flow chart thing to track when I reach certain weight loss goals. I did white those out because I don’t really want the entire internet to know my weight. After making the chart I went to Pinterest and found some “inspiring” fitness quotes. I chose my favorite and stuck it in the empty space around my tracker.

Month At A Glance


This is my April month at a glance. It’s just a calendar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Habit Tracker


Next I have my habit tracker. I created a list of 10 habits that I wanted to track for the month. It’s basically used to see how often I’m doing the things I want to be doing in my life. If I do that certain thing on a particular day, I put an X in that day’s box. I’ve been slacking off on it for a couple days, though. I’ve also included my mood tracker at the bottom. Each color corresponds to a different mood. It’s a way for me to track how the month went emotion-wise.



This is my memories page. This is where I write in special events/happenings that I want to remember. It’s basically like a highlight-reel that I’ll be able to go back and look at. As you can see I’ve written things in, taped in ticket stubs and pictures, and just tried to make this a happy page. I really love the little flower doodle I have at the bottom of the page.

Weekly Spread


Following my start of the month spreads is my weekly spread. This is where I write down my homework, work schedule, and any other appointments that come up throughout the week. It’s the planner section of my bujo. As you can tell, I have things color coordinated in my weekly spread. Each class has its own color, as does my work schedule. Everything else without a specified color goes in as black.

I got my inspiration for this spread from the Create365 Student Happy Planner. I really liked how the weeks were set up vertically and separated into 3 sections. It also had room for notes for the week. I literally just took the weekly spread from that planner and made it in my journal.

Monthly Review

review At the end of the month I have a monthly review. I’m not 100% sure what all I’m going to put in it yet, but I have a few ideas. It’ll probably be like things that did and didn’t work for the month, things to focus on next month, and high and low points for the month.

Savings Spread

Here I have my savings goals and log for the year. Actually, it will definitely last longer than just the year but oh well. The first page of this spread is my goals. I decided what I wanted to save up for and how much I wanted to save. I then made some boxes and decided what increments I wanted to divide the savings into. The basic idea of it is that I save up I’ll color in the boxes as I reach each goal until I eventually reach the top.

The second page is my log. Since I’m not going to open a new savings account for each item, I decided to make a place where I could write how much of my savings goes towards each individual category. So far I don’t have anything saved, but I’m hoping to put a bit of money away this summer.

*Disclaimer: I am not getting married anytime soon. Getting married and starting a family is a huge aspiration of mine. Because of this, I figured I should probably start saving up a bit of money for whenever I do get married (which isn’t anytime soon).*

Random Things

bujo pictures

This is my room planning page. It isn’t anything special but I figured I’d include it to really show how a bujo can be anything you need. A week or so ago I was with my future roommate and we (I) decided to go ahead and plan our room layout for next semester. I’m a very forgetful person so I looked in my bag to find something to write it down on and all I had my journal. So yeah. It’s very versatile.

(Enjoy my not-drawn-to-scale, bad quality sketch of my room next year)

exegesis notes

Last but not least is a page of notes for a paper I’m writing. I was in the library doing research and realized I had forgotten my notebook so I just put my research notes into my journal. It looks like a mess but there is a system to it. Again, this page is being included to demonstrate the versatility of the bullet journal.


And that brings us to the end of my journal (for now)! I really love the bullet journaling system and I hope that I’ve sparked an interest in you to start using a bujo. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll also include some links to some of my favorite bujo resources.


The official bullet journal site.

Boho Berry

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Caitlin’s Corner YouTube Playlist

AmandaRachLee YouTube Playlist!

There’s a ton more than just these 5. There’s a bunch throughout Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. With a little digging you’ll be able to find your favorites, too!


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